Things to know

  • There are certain times when a massage is not the best thing for you, this is mainly if you are dealing with certain illness or infections. I will not treat clients who are experiencing the following:  Bad cold, flu or any other infectious condition.
  • If you have a contagious skin condition please let me know in advance, I can usually work around the area but would need to know before we start the treatment.
  • If you have had recent surgery (in the last 6 weeks) your body is going through a big healing and having a massage too soon can throw the body into a bit of a spin. Please contact me before booking and let me know the nature of the surgery and when it was performed.
  • We live in a world dominated by technology so during your treatment give yourself the gift of turning your phone off! It’ll feel good I promise!!
  • Please arrive promptly for your treatment. I cannot go over your allotted time as it would eat into prep time between clients or leave me less time for lunch and to adequately relax (a hungry/frazzled therapist is not a good therapist!!!) However If I am in a position to make up your full time I will.
  • If you have to cancel please give me as much notice as possible, less than 24 hours will incur a £25 charge. If I fill your slot of course there won’t be a charge. If you don’t show I will have to charge you the full amount, please understand that this is because I cannot then fill your slot and as you know, we all have bills to pay!
  • I usually burn incense so if you have don’t like it, have a sensitivity to smells or have a breathing condition that doesn’t play well with it, please let me know and I won’t burn it.
  • I play music which I think is pretty lovely but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea! So don’t be afraid to ask for something different if you would prefer or if you would rather silence please say so.
  • During your massage you will be wearing just your underwear and undress in privacy. You will be covered by a towel at all times apart from the area I am working on. If there are any areas of your body you don’t like massaged please let me know. If you want the pressure adjusted at any time please don’t be nervous to say so. I have had many massages that I would have enjoyed more if I had had the confidence to ask them to adjust the pressure but I didn’t want them to feel bad!! I WONT feel bad. I want you to enjoy your massage. As everybody is different I understand that as much as I tune in to the needs of my each individual client, I may miss something so use your voice to get what you want!
  • If you have any questions please give me a shout!