‘I have been receiving massages from Jules Harrington and what I appreciate most about her work as a therapist is the time she takes for setting the intention for the session, her total presence to the client, her warmth, calm and tenderness and the great touch she has. Every part she works on feels completely satisfied afterwards and leaves me with the great feeling of not needing more. I always feel very safe and through the wonderful space she holds for the person on the massage table, it is easy to let go of physical and emotional pain. It is rare to find a therapist who is so present and copassionate which allows for great healing on all levels. Her massages are a real gift to the world.’   – S Kunze, Licensed Massage Practitioner.

Total relaxation can be difficult to achieve but I manage to achieve it when I visit Jules for massage. Somehow she manages to instill detox, grounding, balance and a new resolve in me. I would highly recommend this wonderful experience. Thank you Jules!!!!! – D Davidson, Glasgow

‘When I need a really great massage I travel from Manchester all the way to Scotland to book in with Jules. I am a massage therapist and shiatsu practitioner and can say beyond all doubt that Jules provides the most profound body healing I have found. Her ability, skill and love just flow through those blessed fingers. Her intuitive and natural ability to work on all levels of the human form is exquisite and I am always nothing short of 100% satisfied after treatment, she is much much more than a massage therapist, she is a true healer and amazing being.’ –  F Jones, Manchester.

‘To firewalk with Jules was an incredibly beautiful and blessed experience. She holds you through the workshop and firewalk itself with such grace and tenderness. Her strength of love and commitment to this path comes through in all of her work, so it was and always is a priviledge to follow Jules through her workshop processes and over the fire.’ – L Ross.

‘I have had the privelage of having reflexology from Jules for an ongoing chronic condition of Planter Fascitis. To say my feet sung after the treatment is an understatement. As reflexology stimulates points for all the body my whole body sung. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. I cannot recommend enough, any body work by Jules. Her professionalism, skill and genuine ability to listen and empathise left my body, mind and soul resonating in harmony. Thank you.’ – J Bryant, QLD Australia

‘By far the best reflexology I’ve had still to this day’ – Tanya Hunter

Jules is not only a lovely person who I instantly felt comfortable and at ease with, she is also amazing at her job. She is highly skilled and professional and she focuses all her energy and attention on ensuring you get the best possible experience. I feel very lucky to have met her – R Cartledge, Glasgow

 ‘Jules has greatly supported me over the years with her shamanic healing work. The way that she serves is deeply connected to spirit and grounded in the respect she holds towards her work and all life. The total care and heart presence that she holds for me during a session allows me to surrender and trust her completely so that I can receive the healing that I need. As a firewalking instructor, Jules is extremely perceptive, sharp and experienced in delivering the teachings as well as being humorous and compassionate. I am extremely grateful for all the support and inspiration that Jules has offered me on the healing path!’ – P Langenskiöld.

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