Shamanic Healing Work

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“Humans are a part of creation and shamanism is our way of connecting with the whole.” – Will Adcock

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known, dating back 40,000 years. Pretty amazing eh?!  When I first discovered Shamanism I said to myself ‘If something has been about for this long and is still practised today well then I want in on it’! It is gaining a lot of popularity in the West which shows to me that there is a desire to heal, to come home to ourselves. Shamanic practice is the door that brings into the home of our hearts.

  I have been a practitioner of both for at least ten years and have experienced massive personal transformation as a result of my training and being on the receiving end of both. In particular I want to talk a bit about shamanic healing as it is such powerful life supporting work and my goodness we need this kind of loving power more than ever! Shamanic work gets to the root of whatever is hurting us, holding us back, it brings us back our power, our essence, our ability to create the lives we want. It returns what is rightfully ours so we can really live!

There are three main aspects of shamanic healing – Power Retrieval, Soul essence Retrieval and Extraction.
Some examples of how we can lose power are –  being told we weren’t good enough, bullying, abusive relationships, traumatic events, illnesses.
Some examples of how we can lose soul essence are the same but also abuse, surgeries, car crashes, bereavement.
Extraction works relates to removing energetic forms within us that are not helpful. For example, if we are told as children we are stupid we take this on and of course life affirms this belief through experiences to compound this and so one may find themselves as adults saying ‘Oh I always make mistakes because I’m stupid’. That’s just one example but it applies to anything we were told regularly. Extraction removes this belief that has taken form.
Often clients don’t come for a healing to deal with a specific traumatic event but rather they say that they want to move forward in life but find it difficult, or have issues achieving a specific goal, or are aware of the impact their limiting beliefs have on their ability to manifest and be happy. So, its not just for the big traumas!

Its important to mention that shamanic work powerful as it is will not slot every aspect of your life into place instantly! When we have our power or soul essence back or have something extracted we still need to work with our mind that has habituated itself to either believe what has been told to us, or to work with our body/mind that has been affected by trauma. I feel this is an important point to make as I have had clients and seen a lot of people wanting shamanic work and expect their lives to be 100% sorted after! This is not a judgement as who doesn’t want to be instantly happy and sorted? (I know I do !!) . Its like going for regular massage but never making any adjustments to your life to support your body. The massage is benefitting you but it would be far more beneficial if you adjusted your chair at your desk, didn’t work long hours or looked at the stressors in your life. You know what I mean? I’ve had my life transformed by shamanic work but I still go to therapy and have regular bodywork to support my emotional body.

My intention for everyone I support is that they a powerful, supportive and loving healing. And although shamanic healing work has different aspects:  (returning lost power, performing soul retrieval work or removing spiritual blockages) I will do any or all of these in a session so you get the best result.

As all sessions are different I allow about 2 hours so we can go with the flow. As I’ve mentioned it differs, but I always allow plenty of time for intention setting (i.e. ‘why I am here’?!!  and ‘what do I want out of this?!!), then we take it from there. I offer distant shamanic healing and it is just as powerful and successful as face to face work. During this time where many people aren’t ready or cannot engage in face to face healing, being able to do distant work is perfect!