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“Your soul is not in your body; your body is in your soul” – Alan Watts

After a ten year relationship with Reiki I STILL find it hard to describe. For me, it is like drinking the purest water, it like a healing balm for the painful parts, it is just a little bit magic!

Whether you are into science, or spirituality, or both, we know that we humans are energy. And Reiki is a pure energy. Energy flows from the therapist to the client through their hands. This pure source of energy basically transforms the energy of the client into something higher, a more aligned frequency.

I have heard time and time again ‘I don’t know how it works but it works’! Yes, it does work! Reiki is a constant support in my life and I have seen my life transform and change for the better since bringing Reiki into it. It’s most obvious to me when I am going through a hard time and I give myself a reiki session. Whether I come to session with physical pain, sadness, confusion, grief, I always get up from the session feeling less of these physical sensations and emotions or indeed the absence of them. I always feel calmer, balanced, invigorated and well, generally better!

Incase you think the session is carried out with me in robes levitating above you well sorry, it’s much more boring than that! During a reiki session the client is fully clothed and lying on a massage couch with the option of a blanket should you get cold!

And that’s it, Reiki in a nutshell !!