If you’re feeling out of kilter, don’t know why or what about, let your feet reveal the answer, find the sore spot, work it out – Eunice Ingham

Reflexology was the first therapy I studied. Not only it is a wonderful therapy but it also  opened the door for my continued study in holistic therapies. It has a special place in my heart!

Many people are so surprised by the information a reflexologist can obtain by working with their feet. How can I know what your ailments are without you telling me? Well it’s your feet that are telling me all I need to know! Imagine a tiny map of your body, your structures, organs, all in miniature and shining from your feet. Well that’s reflexology!

By working on all the various points on your feet it allows your body to heal itself. It’s important to know that your body knows how to be in harmony, knows how to align itself, it is very clever! Reflexology supports this clever body of yours in a powerful non-invasive way. It is performed fully clothed (apart from your feet!!) on a treatment couch, aah I feel relaxed just thinking about it !!