Pregnancy /Post Natal Massage

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings” – Anne Christian Buchanan

Being pregnant is a big deal! I often think that the immense nature of being pregnant is diluted in today’s culture, where emphasis is put on ‘well you just get in with it as it’s been happening since time began’. Yes I hear that and yes it has been happening since time began and we all would not be here without a mother birthing us into the world. But for the most part, the sacredness of it all is not celebrated. When something is sacred we hold it gently, tend to it, support it, and protect it. And this is why I love to massage pregnant women!

 Most women I know have not had one massage during the 9 months that they created a new life, we need to change this!! With the body changing drastically and rapidly I believe it is paramount to have regular bodywork. This will support your body, mind and heart though this incredible process. In addition, I also suggest yoga, pilates, cranio-sacral therapy, whatever works for you.

 In my experience, my clients who have had regular massage during their pregnancy have less pain, more peace and confidence and have avoided some (or all) of the physical challenges that can arise during a pregnancy. They swear the whole experience was easier through my supporting them in this way!

Happy Mama = Happy Baby!

Post Natal Massage:

So your baby is finally here in the world! No doubt you are feeling excited, exhausted and delighted !! But you also may be feeling sad, fearful, overwhelmed or struggling to cope with the massive changes to your life and to your body.

Support for mama post pregnancy is so very important for many reasons. Your body has grown a human, it has stretched, accommodated, changed to keep baby safe and well. You now need to be nourished and supported as you nourish and support your wee one.

Massage is equally important for emotional well-being and what an emotional experience having a baby is !There is heavy emphasis on the joy and wonder of having a new baby but not enough honesty and openness about how challenging this transition can be. In 2015 a study of one thousand new mothers revealed that 60% of them had experienced ‘baby blues’ after giving birth. Massage can help you process your pregnancy journey and support your new way of being in the world!

May the care you give to your new baby extend to yourself too !