Letting go, creating new and the big black moon!


For the last few days I have observed an intensity within me. Old feelings stirring and I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts. And then I remembered….the moon!! I have always felt the moons dance, full moons bring a stronger outward energy to me and a new moon brings a more internal dynamic.

Tonight we will experience a black moon. A black moon only comes about every 32 months or so which makes it quite rare and definitely something to tap into. I don’t know much about astrology but I do know that new moons signify new beginnings, intuition, creativity…As with new beginnings, for the new shoots of what we wish to feel and experience in life to manifest, we must clear away the old and prepare the soil.

I have been reflecting on a ritual I could engage with to connect and focus this powerful moon energy. A ritual to let go and plant seeds of beauty for my future. If you would like to join me in this ritual please read on! Of course this ritual feels good for me but please do what feels good for you. if you are not into ritual I would suggest doing something conscious and positive no matter what that is to utilise this powerful energy.

Things to gather for your ritual

  • A nice piece of clean cloth
  • A candle
  • Bubbles
  • Sage
  • A piece of paper big enough to draw on
  • Colouring pencil or pens
  • A food/drink offering
  • Insence



Sit on the floor in a quiet space (or outdoors). Arrange the items on the cloth in front of you. Make it nice! In every different tradition I have experienced there is always an offering of light and food. I love this, as I call to life to support me I offer to life too. You can offer anything you like but do so with a mind of generosity, if you are offering a small plate of your dinner please lift this first before you plate up your own. You can offer water, juice, tea, coffee, whatever pleases you is good.

If you have sage you can sage the space around you and I like to sage myself too before ritual. If you work with guides, teachers, call them in to hold you during your ritual. Call to the moon that her energy may support you as you heal and transform! I also set an intention that this ritual will benefit all beings, as I heal all being heal, as I create love and beauty so do all beings.



Take a few moments to feel what you want to let go of. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, experiences, people. Allow tears to come if they arise. Take the bubbles and as you breathe out fill the the bubbles with all you wish to let go of. As they gently burst see all of what you are letting go of dissolve. I think  bubbles (although perhaps not traditionally ceremonial!) as a really sweet metaphor for letting go. They are beautiful, light and burst with grace and gentleness. Continue to gather within you what you wish to part with and keep blowing them into the bubbles until you feel a shift. If you don’t have bubbles just place the candle far enough from you that you don’t blow it out, and breathe out towards the candle seeing the flame burn up all you want to leave behind.


  • Take the paper and pencils and draw a plant pot, on the plant pot write the words and experiences you wish to experience. Use positive words e.g. ‘joyous abundance’ ‘a blessed loving relationship’ ‘great health and well-being’, ‘meaningful friendships’. You can be specific of course but I would suggest keeping the scope wide so as not to limit yourself. Go for this with your whole heart, don’t hold back on what you want to feel and experience! After you have written on the plant pot draw a wee shoot coming out of the soil, this represents the beginning of your wonderful new experiences and feelings. And as the days, weeks, months pass and you actively participate in the creation of your hopes and dreams, add to the shoot, making it bigger, taller, adding leaves and flowers. Bring it to bloom. Put this picture somewhere you can see it everyday, look at it and engage with it. If you are in an environment that isn’t particularly supportive and you don’t want others to see it , keep it somewhere but please take it out every day, look at it and engage with it.


Wishing you all a blessed black moon and every happiness in your new-ness !! xx







The power that is Intention

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Whilst preparing for a recent lecture on Buddhism I was reminded powerfully of the importance of intention. Intention of course is not just a Buddhist concept, it is a powerful state of mind. Intention is what fuels our experiences. A lot of the time we don’t think about our intention when we are doing something, we just kind of do it !! And so intention setting wakes us up.

When we bring a positive intention to our daily activities we make the mundane extraordinary ! It also trains our mind to engage in a different way, it wakes us up to a mindful way of being where we purposely engage with our lives.  When we set an intention we bring ourselves to our experience, the present moment becomes truly alive! As all experiences dissolve and change it is only our intention that remains.

Before I begin my day of working with clients I take time to set an intention. I get strong in my mind and heart what I want my clients to experience (expansion, easy letting go, power, love, etc). And I also get clear on how I want to feel too (relaxed, strong in my body, present and awake). I imagine that each one of my clients bodies is the body of all beings and so as they heal all sentient beings heal.

When we intend consciously our brain literally seeks out experiences that are in alignment with our intention, so if we intend on experiencing happiness, love, being of benefit to others, well then that’s what we will subconsciously seek out. And if we experience hardship, stresses, disharmony during our day we won’t stay in these emotions very long as they are not in alignment with our intention. We remember that staying in anger, upset, fear is not what we intended to experience and so we can move back into love quicker !

By including others in our intention we make our experiences more powerful and the Buddhists would say more virtuous. Having the intention that others benefit from us being in the world loosens the grip of the ego, the self existent ‘I’. This helps us become less attached and tight in our minds.

There are so many ways in which we can bring others into our daily activates. For example, when we eat we can imagine that the nourishment we enjoy goes to all beings especially those hungry or starving. When we exercise we can imagine that all beings bodies receive the health benefits and enjoyment especially those who are ill or unable to move their bodies in the way they would like. By changing our mind we change everything!

We are creating all the time let’s take charge of our creating with a joyful happy heart !






Why massage is not a treat!




I often hear people refer to massage as a treat. You might be wondering why I would disagree with that. A treat is a good thing right? Yes, a treat is a good thing but a treat isn’t a regular thing. A treat is something we give ourselves from a place of self-kindness and self-love. But as we don’t love ourselves enough it can often be problematic, as it will always remain an occasional reaching out to ourselves instead of regular coming home to ourselves.

Getting regular bodywork sends a powerful message to life and that message is:

 I am worth it. I am worth making time for, I am worth spending money on, I am worth being cared for.

Through regular bodywork I have felt a profound transformation in my own life. Not just with my body becoming stronger, more flexible and the experience of less pain. But it has brought me into my body where all my emotions live! It has given me the opportunities to explore, to see the aspects of myself that I accept and that I reject. To embody the parts of myself I slammed the door on many years ago and thus really become alive!

It opened the door marked ‘My relationship to myself, my relationship with myself’.

Without cultivating a relationship to ourselves we remain disconnected. And when disconnected from self we reach outward for happiness, for nourishment, for love. When in reality, we must reach inward, extend our hand to ourselves and so access the ever- flowing unending love and wisdom that we are.

Our bodies are speaking to us all the time. Our pain, our tension, our numbness are rich with insight. This insight brings fluidity and flexibility.

This insight changes how we are with ourselves and in the world.

So let us explore ourselves, say YES to ourselves, embrace ourselves !


Enjoy whatever it is you do that brings you home….to you xxxx