• Prior to your treatment I will send a consultation form, depending on how you are and whether you have been sick etc I may not be able to treat you. If you’re all good to have a treatment for your first one post lockdown we will have a 15 minute phone consultation to check in 
  • The keypad is not in use at Albany anymore so please text me when you are outside and I will come and let you in
  • As much as you can try not touch door handles etc, I will be your butler!!!
  • We are asking all our clients not to use the loo unless you absolutely have to 
  • Please sanitise your hands upon entering the clinic
  • Please limit the amount of stuff you bring with you as everything has to go into a box that is sanitised between clients
  • Treatment times are MAX 45 MINUTES (this includes getting changed and redressed) so I will contact you in advance to see where you would like me to work as obviously we are trying to limit talking as much as possible
  • From the wee survey I did I saw that half of those who answered would prefer to bring their own towel, that’s totally fine, obviously it needs to be clean so please don’t use it as a wee blanket whilst on the bus (hahahaha)
  • The room and everything touchable will be thoroughly cleaned thoroughly between clients as well as communal touchy things (!!). I will also be changing my uniform for each client. We now have air purifiers in each room and where possible I will open the windows between clients to allow for more fresh air. I am allowing 30 mins for cleaning in between clients but that may be excessive!
  • I should be able to do a little work on the neck and upper chest when you are lying on your back as I will have a visor for this
  • I am asking everyone pay by bank transfer as I would rather not be handling cold hard cash the now, haha! I know it would be easier if you could pay by card using a machine and I did look into it but it is actually very expensive to use one of those wee machines so I cant offer that I’m afraid
  • Although you will only be having a 45 min treatment I wont be reducing the price of your treatment. I wanted to address this as I’m sure some folk may be wondering why. I actually will be preparing and cleaning for those 15 minutes you are not on the couch (plus additional time!), as you can imagine I have been hit very hard financially by being out of work for the last 5 months and my income will be more than halved from not being able to see my usual amount of clients so I just cant reduce it. I hope you can understand (but also understand if you cant!!)
  • You will be required to wear a mask at all times whilst at the clinic. If you have a medical reason which makes you exempt from wearing a mask I am so sorry but I still cannot treat you as there are lots of therapists and clients going to Albany and I have to consider them all. I have actually had three massages whilst wearing a mask and the first time felt a bit strange and after that I hardly noticed it!
  • Again, to limit talk time we wont be able to have a wee chat after and if you want to make another appt we can do it beforehand or over text