Why massage is not a treat!




I often hear people refer to massage as a treat. You might be wondering why I would disagree with that. A treat is a good thing right? Yes, a treat is a good thing but a treat isn’t a regular thing. A treat is something we give ourselves from a place of self-kindness and self-love. But as we don’t love ourselves enough it can often be problematic, as it will always remain an occasional reaching out to ourselves instead of regular coming home to ourselves.

Getting regular bodywork sends a powerful message to life and that message is:

 I am worth it. I am worth making time for, I am worth spending money on, I am worth being cared for.

Through regular bodywork I have felt a profound transformation in my own life. Not just with my body becoming stronger, more flexible and the experience of less pain. But it has brought me into my body where all my emotions live! It has given me the opportunities to explore, to see the aspects of myself that I accept and that I reject. To embody the parts of myself I slammed the door on many years ago and thus really become alive!

It opened the door marked ‘My relationship to myself, my relationship with myself’.

Without cultivating a relationship to ourselves we remain disconnected. And when disconnected from self we reach outward for happiness, for nourishment, for love. When in reality, we must reach inward, extend our hand to ourselves and so access the ever- flowing unending love and wisdom that we are.

Our bodies are speaking to us all the time. Our pain, our tension, our numbness are rich with insight. This insight brings fluidity and flexibility.

This insight changes how we are with ourselves and in the world.

So let us explore ourselves, say YES to ourselves, embrace ourselves !


Enjoy whatever it is you do that brings you home….to you xxxx