Want to fall in love..? Get a massage!!

I have been thinking, listening and talking a lot about how we create.

So what on earth does creating a pleasing external environment have to do with healing work ??!!! Well, if we are indeed in a constant state of creation but not creating what we want, i.e. a fulfilling job, partner, friendships, financial security, well then how do get these things that we wish for ?

Get a massage!!

Ok, I’m being playful, a massage or any other pleasurable situation is not a magic trick for your true love, that meaningful job, happy home or more money! But what these healing practices do is create ‘high vibrations’. Usually during and after a massage or other healing work you feel good right? You usually feel relaxed, less stressed out, peaceful, optimistic, or you simply couldn’t care less about the worries you had before because that massage was AWESOME!! Simply put, these good feelings create situations that hold the same good feelings!! It’s just ‘like with like’!

I have been contemplating how when we ‘should’ be doing all the things we ‘should’ be doing but feeling exhausted and stressed what could we create by  stopping and asking ourselves, ‘What do I WANT to do right now’ and then doing just that that. How beneficial would it actually be to leave the office and have lunch in the park when you feel over worked and have a desk stacked with things to do? How beneficial would it be to turn off the laptop when you have emails to send because you are exhausted? What if we incorporated enjoyable ‘high vibration’ things into our daily to do list? If we give ourselves the medicine it makes sense we would become well. So the question for today may be ‘What’s my medicine’?

I have noticed recently that the more I engage in enjoyable things the more circumstances for enjoyment naturally come to me.  When I go for a massage or other healing work I am filled with positive feeling or energy which acts like a magnet for experiences or creations with the same feeling and energy to come my way. I believe these experiences can be different but the base or tone is the same!

Recently I have been manifesting a new home, my criteria was a safe and happy neighbourhood, and a peaceful quiet space. As the search progressed I had periods of stress, worry and concern about its lack of manifestation which of course created more stress, worry and concern! So I began to tell myself to relax but the feeling of that sentence was still worry, what the feeling was actually saying was ‘ you better start relaxing or it’ll never happen’! See what I mean? So I stopped, stopped the pushing and the telling myself off for being worried. Instead I made joyful patience important and I started to do more cool fun stuff. I went for more massages, met with friends more, slept more, I listened to more beautiful music, I meditated more and I watch more good movies. And soon I got a lovely home!

The harder your life seems the easier you should be with yourself!!

If this seems far out, or a load of nonsense that’s ok, but maybe give it a go anyway. Even if you don’t manifest your hearts desires (but I reckon you will!) you will certainly have a great time!

As The Buddha said…

‘You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection’

Heres to all beings easy and joyful manifestation ! xx